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Supercomputers Articles

Looking Into The Future To See The Past

There are no limits to what supercomputers may achieve in the future, which is exactly what some researchers are banking on.

It's A Brave New Nano-world Of Supercomputers

A GROUP of Australian scientists is proving the impossible is no boundary by attempting to turn phosphorous atoms into `supercomputers'.

Supercomputers Lift Australia's Ranking

The commissioning of three new supercomputers in the past six months has given Australia a boost in the league table of the world's 500 fastest non-classified high-performance installations.

Taking The Guesswork Out Of Next Week

Seriously powerful supercomputers help to accuratelypredict the weather.

Link Will Mean Region Is It

Wollongong will soon be linked to Australia's newest high-performance computers to provide unprecedented computing power for regional universities and businesses. Information Technology Minister Kim Yeadon said Wollongong, Newcastle and Bathurst would have access to three new supercomputers at t